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Community Support and Service is Important to Health

Community Support for Prediabetes or Other Chronic Illness is Transformative

community support

“Kind community support during challenging times has saved me on many occasions. The heart of a kind stranger often shows me the way.” Georgianne Holland

If you wonder why community support and service are important, think about the collaborative support efforts you have received in the past, especially from women. Instead of feeling the urge to compete with others, many women feel the desire to support one another.

Do you get a “good feeling” when community support and service comes you’re way? That’s the feeling of membership. The sense of belonging. Being part of a community means being able to care about the needs of others, while at the same time, being inspired to practice Self-Care in return.

feeling alone when community support is important

People suffering from a chronic illness can feel isolated. Many of my community members talk about “keeping it a secret” or solving their prediabetes alone so they don’t have to talk about it anymore.

Why community support is important

The members of We Are Women At Wellness online is a great community resource at times like this! It’s a warm group of women around the U.S. who can hear our secrets about prediabetes and other health struggles, and feel empathy instead of judgment. You see, they’re motivated to improve their health, too.

The Solution Starter™ Program for Prediabetes includes a community of women who have enrolled in a support system. They can speak to each other in the Discussion Boards, or find one another in the We Are Women At Wellness group on Facebook.

And you don’t need to enroll in this online program alone. Invite a friend or family member to join you on this health journey!

This Community Element is a Success Secret in Reversing Prediabetes and Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes!

Here’s how my client Paige describes the SUCCESS SECRET element.

“Knowledge was the first piece I needed to understand. I needed to be liberated from dieting hell. Stress was my favorite old excuse. I doubted I could exercise and resist comfort food while feeling so overwhelmed at work. I knew better, but I ignored how inactivity, unstable blood sugar, excess fat, and illness drained me.

The solution to these issues was clearly taught and overcome during my work with Georgianne. The reason I’ve been successful in keeping this weight off and eliminating my Prediabetes is separate from all those efforts.

My success is completely…COMPLETELY…due to the teamwork vibe I felt with Solution Starter. Willpower is great until it fails. It always failed me when I was trying to become healthy alone. Nobody’s perfect. My imperfections seemed to stop me before I joined this community.

My team members in class encourage me when I stumble. They teach and inspire me. They keep me accountable. I don’t have to be perfect, because this community makes it harder to fail than to succeed. I’ll never ‘go-it-alone’ again on my path to wellness.”

Thank you, Paige, for your enthusiasm about all that you experienced in the Solution Starter™ Prediabetes Program.

Is successfully dieting and adding exercise to your daily life a main health goal?

If dieting alone were the answer, this American prediabetes epidemic would have eased up by now. Whey is that? We all know dozens of people on what feels like their 50th weight-loss diet. As a member of the Solution Starter™ Program, you’ll learn how a classic “low-calorie” diet can damage your ability to solve prediabetes.

Has anyone you know tried training at the gym to solve their Prediabetes?

Hours and hours on the treadmill do not dissolve Insulin Resistance. We cannot out-run an unhealthy diet. It’s entirely possible to do hours of cardio every week and still eat our way to Prediabetes. What about thinking positive thoughts? A positive person who is sedentary and under-informed about healthy eating can still receive a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis.

Perhaps you’ve already tried dieting, exercise and focusing on positivity to solve high blood sugar. Now is the time to add community support to your efforts…

How does community support help?

The Solution Starter™ Program includes 2 hours of on-demand videos, 31 science-backed articles, 116 downloadable resources and full, lifetime access. Within the 58 online classes, you will receive the tools needed to truly transform your lifestyle and body.

More importantly than all of those helpful tools, this program includes online community support.

Why community support is important

Now tell me this–would you be able to sustain your efforts to reverse Prediabetes if you had no one to encourage you or lift you up when you feel defeated?

If you don’t have a compassionate support group, or if you don’t have empathetic people around you, as Paige reports from her experience, willpower will only get us so far.

With the Solution Starter Community online, you now have a place where you can plug into a charge of positive energy every day and get the support you need. Your self-confidence will grow as this compassionate support comes your way, and it will grow even deeper as you are the kind stranger to others within this community.

We can all be the kind stranger to another person today.

Within the Solution Starter Program community, and within the We Are Women At Wellness community on Facebook, you can be that kind stranger to others. And over time, you’ll make friends and gain the support of others a little further down their path to wellness. From the comfort of home, you’ll be able to encircle yourself with empathetic others who can help you to successfully solve Prediabetes.

There are 2 Types of Community You can Join!

The first type is the We Are Women At Wellness community on Facebook. It is a Private Group. This means that no one else on Facebook will know you’re in the group. It also means you need to be invited to get inside of this group. If you would like to receive a MEMBER’S invitation from Coach Georgianne, and join in on the support of this community today, please contact us. We look forward to welcoming you!!

The second type of community is part of the 58-class, online Solution Starter Program. It is a community only open to enrolled students of Coach Georgianne’s Prediabetes program. If you would like to become of member of that group, here is the information you need to enroll.


Why community support is important

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