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Fix and Freeze Slow Cooker Recipes

You have ordered one pizza too many at the end of a long day! When we have a plan for a nutritious dinner, it's easy to skip the pizza routine. The three recipes in this SLOW COOKER RECIPE series are designed for you to shop for, prep and assemble, and then freeze for a later day. It takes about an hour of active kitchen time to prep all three recipes. That's a reasonable effort for a huge gain in the days or weeks ahead!

Coconut Date Cookies

I am always looking for an on-the-go way to enjoy whole grains like oats! This recipe is a winner at my house.


Delicious & Easy Thumbprint Cookies

Ginger Halibut with Shredded Daikon Radish

Tin Foil Snapper

When the work day is over and I do not want to eat pre-packaged food, I am happy to have this easy fish recipe! No standing at the stove -- just wrap everything up in the foil, pop it all in the oven, and go change into your comfy slippers. Enjoy!

Basic Brown Rice

My digestive system needs fiber, and I'll bet yours does, too! Complex carbs like brown rice are filling and do not spike your blood sugar like simple carbs. Enjoy some brown rice everyday to stay regular, feel full, and create a lovely foundation for your vegetables and proteins.

Basic Polenta

What is polenta? This international grain is a lovely side dish in our household. Take the time to cook cornmeal grits/polenta at home and avoid the instant variety. Polenta is sometimes eaten with maple syrup. A common dish in the cuisine of the Southern United States is grits, with the difference that grits are usually made from cooked, coarsely ground, corn kernels (ground hominy). Polenta is similar to boiled maize dishes of Mexico, where both maize and hominy originate. I like Bob's Red Mill Organic Corn Grits/Polenta.

Brown Basmati Pilaf

You can dress up this simple recipe with vegetables, your favorite seasonings, or leftover proteins for a quick main dish!

Coconut Brown Rice

real food

Cauliflower Couscous