Do you feel great about the health advice your receive from your health care team?

Are you hoping to add a few alternative therapies or complimentary techniques to the way you take care of yourself?

health adviceIt can be difficult knowing which expert health advice or practioner to trust as you Google their name and ask around at the book club, right? Wouldn’t it be great to have a chance to meet a wide variety of experts in the fields of health, wellness, and empowerment — actually meet them in person and ask them a few questions — without being charged for a $250 office visit?

If building a health care team is something that matters to you, I invite you to accept my invitation to attend a Special Event that my team here at Holland Health Coaching has created! The first of many “Ask a Wellness Expert” events is happening in Wheat Ridge, Colorado on Friday, September 25th from 6-8p.m. This is a special event that you need to register for, and my team will be happy to look for your name on the VIP list at the door. Would you like to join us?

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I’d like to share with you information about three of the Experts who will be available for you to speak with at this special event:

health advice


Deb Clark is a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach in Denver. She provides health advice as a passionate representative of the Well And Company.

“Deb is an excellent trainer! Our workouts are fun, challenging, and she encourages me to make progress without giving me more than I can handle. Deb has been able to accommodate my injury prone shoulder while training my upper body and tailors my workouts to my specific needs.” – Sally H.



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Sharon Wunder is the heart and soul behind Conspire Design Coaching. In addition to coaching, she is a talented photographer who uses imagery, imagination and visual intuition to help you capture “the art” of living.

“Sharon has an authentic way of communicating how Feng Shui and Mindful Design can work for everyone. During our weekend conference her topic of taking what we discovered during meditation and placing it into spacial support was inspiring. Many ideas were flowing and clients couldn’t wait to go back to their homes and offices to try out the new concepts.” – C. Lyn


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Michelle Fox is the proud owner of MBodied Arts Studio in Westminster, Colorado. Trained as an Art Therapist, Michelle helps children and adults to heal as they explore their creative, emotional, and empowered selves.

“I love Michelle’s studio. Her studio embodies a place to create art and a home away from home. I feel instantly calm as soon as I enter her studio, and leave feeling refreshed. She is a gifted artist and teacher. Michelle will assist you throughout your painting and equip you with the tools to continuously improve your artwork and your spirit.” SD