As humans, we are always trying to better ourselves and strive for success.

However, without a little health resources support, this can sometimes be difficult.

health resourcesHealth resources online may help ease that difficulty. I’ve built my career as a holistic health coach because I love being face-to-face with other women who want personalized, professional support. When meeting in person cannot happen, it feels good to be able to offer online resources to others. There is a growing interest in fitting health activities into an already busy lifestyle, so many of the resources my clients like best are available 24/7.

One of my objectives with Homemade Health enews is to make sure that I pass along to others the resources I find beneficial. I’d like to share with you five of my favorite online tools and apps that help all of us find success online in our health and wellness goals!

I am having a blast making videos myself! If you haven’t yet found the Video Tutorial page on my website, here’s a health resources link for you. Keep an eye on this page because a new video will be uploaded almost every week. I’ve always wanted to be a movie star! http://georgianneholland.comvideo-tutorials/

One of my early teachers, and by early I mean over 20 years ago, was Louise Hay. I’ve personally studied with her on two occasions and try to keep up with this sparkplug of a woman whenever I get the chance! Here is one of my favorite classes she teaches on the topic of Mirror Work.

health resources3. 24/7 CLASSROOM
If you want to learn anything, from how to knit to how to be fit, there is a YouTube resource online you can use. Without commuting to the gym or waiting for your knitting friends to show you that complicated stitch, this online resource is available 24/7. My YouTube channel is in its infancy, so I’ll direct you to another one that’s helpful: BeFit.

Another online resource I enjoy and recommend is Pinterest. If you haven’t already explored this resource, I’d be surprised, so I won’t try to sell you on it. I do know that there is a fun board you can add inspirational images and thoughts to today if you’d like! I opened this board as a way to share with and learn from other wellness-minded women. I’d love to see what you pin there!

health resources5.  CONTENT-RICH BLOGS
The final online resource I recommend to my private clients is a content-rich blog called MindBodyGreen. This helpful resource is great to subscribe to, and just when you need a little pick-me-up, a fresh email link will be delivered to your inbox. Do you ever notice that on-point messages keep showing up for you, especially when you are open to such inspiration? I love that!