healthy eatingThere are numerous things in life over which you have no control. Healthy eating isn’t one of them.

Do the things list impact your vibrancy or do they trigger you to eat as a comfort?

  • Weather
  • Rising Taxes
  • Other People
  • Job Security
  • World Poverty
  • Traffic Jams

What you can control: daily self-care actions that include healthy eating, whole foods that heal and add to your vibrancy, no matter what today brings! Superior nutrition through healthy eating revitalizes a body and mind under stress…and that has an impact on all of us.

Here are my Vibrant Life/Healthy Eating Recommendations! – Coach Georgianne

Legumes: 1 serving per day 
Garbanzo, pinto, kidney, black, lima, navy, mung, canned fat-free refried beans, green soy beans, bean soup, hummus, split peas, lentils

Plentiful Vegetables, preferably organic: 50% of what you eat 
You can choose vegetables from artichokes to zucchini to enjoy, and my best tip is to plan ahead to have delicious vegetable options at every meal. Do you need recipe options? Visit my website for delicious ideas that will appeal to your whole family!

Starchy Vegetables: Two servings per week
Beets, winter squash, carrots, sweet potatoes or yams, white potatoes

Oil/Fat: Include a serving of healthy fat in every meal
Avocado, flaxseed, chia seeds, walnut oil, extra virgin olive oil at room temperature, ghee and coconut oil for cooking, raw nuts and seed

Protein: 1 serving (three-six ounces) at each of three daily meals 
healthy eatingI choose to eat organic, humanly-raised, free-range products and I focus on lean meat, poultry, fish, quality protein  powder, or two eggs as my go-to proteins. I sometimes eat dairy as my protein.

Meat: lean beef, lamb or pork

Chicken or Turkey: white meat in 6 oz. portions and dark meat in 3 oz. portions

Tofu: fresh or baked

Cheese: Cottage Cheese or Full Fat Yogurt without added sugar or fruit, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Goat cheese

Whole Grains: 1-2 servings per day
Amaranth, teff, quinoa, basmati rice, brown rice, barley [if you are not gluten intolerant or sensitive], buckwheat groats, millet, whole oats for baking and steel cut oats for oatmeal, whole wheat bread products [if you eat wheat]. Health eating is easy when you learn to cook and enjoy whole grains… I can teach you!

I do not eat much wheat and have learned to bake with almond flour, coconut flour and other gluten-free flours. I do not buy many pre-made gluten-free items because they are typically made with tapioca starch and other ingredients that are not health-promoting. For my sandwiches, I go breadless: I wrap a lean turkey slice around a mozzarella string cheese or a celery stick. When I eat a hamburger or veggie burger, it is bun-less. When I eat whole grain items like brown rice and oatmeal, my body feels satisfied regarding carb intake. I found a few Italian restaurants that serve a tasty, whole food, gluten-free pizza that I eat on occasion. My family likes it, too! Life is too short to never again eat pizza!

Liquids: Water is your friend. Drink half your body weight in ounces every day.
One of my successful habits has been to properly hydrate myself. Instead of basing my water needs on thirst, I built a habit around drinking water at specific times EVERY day. Now that it is a habit, I do this easily. It has made a big difference in my digestion and energy! This is a good use of the smart phones many of us have in hand all day: set a water timer to chime as a reminder to enjoy a refreshing glass. FINAL TIP: Be aware of all the liquid calories you consume like milk, juice, alcohol, and coffee concoctions. If you have met your water needs, then you can add other liquids to your day.

Did you know: Liquid Calories Add Up!

healthy eatingDo you know how many grams of sugar are in one sports drink?

The Sad Truth: 35 grams of sugar or almost 9 teaspoons!

How many grams of sugar are in one energy drink?
The Sad Truth: 54 grams of sugar or over 11 teaspoons!

How many grams of sugar are in a can of coke?
The Sad Truth: 39 grams of sugar or over 10 teaspoons!

Here is what I say to myself whenever I am faced with tempting junk food:
“That looks good…but it isn’t good for me. I choose to look and feel good!”