When it comes to nutrition and real food, one of the health and fitness authorities whom I most trust is Dr. Andrew Weil.

Dr. Weil is a medical doctor and naturopath, a teacher, and a nutrition expert.

What can we learn about nutrition and the truth about food from this gentleman?

My career is based on promoting nutrition and helping others, including my own family, use nutrition and self-care to thrive. My trusted resource in this regard is Dr. Andrew Weil. He is founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona where he also teaches. I have heard Dr. Weil speak in person on four occasions, and always find his expertise to be helpful. He was also one of my favorite lecturers in my education as a holistic health coach. He was the first doctor to ever speak to me about healing the body with real food.

Dr. Weil is a lovely resource to me, and I hope to you, as I would like to pass along some links for you to follow.

You can find many empowering resources from Dr. Weil here.

There are also many informative videos from Dr. Weil you can see on YouTube. Here is one of the favorites that I recommend to my Prediabetes clients!

real food nutritionA diet that is built on a foundation of nutrition is as important as any other medical care we receive.

Our bodies are made out of the food we eat. Thank goodness that encouragement about real food and homemade meals are easy to find in everyday places, like online and in popular magazines. That helps spread the word about the importance of good food!

The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine has been a leader in this positive message. I know that in some media, by way of advertisements by manufactured food companies, we are given an ever-revolving stream of research from folks who have an agenda. The way this information is presented makes us think that these are healthy foods. They want us to believe that they are watching out for our wellness.

What are some examples?

For instance, the soda industry wants us to think that their sweet liquid has a place in our diet. The companies that manufacture margarine want us to think we are protecting our hearts. When you think about sugar, obesity, insulin resistance, and fats in your diet, do you feel well-informed and able to make health-promoting choices? Sometimes I look at the popular press and feel surprised by the old research they are quoting or the fancy way they brush off the true impact of low-quality, large-portion food items. I don’t want you to be fooled.

Here’s what we can trust…

The beauty of trusting Dr. Weil as a source of information is that he is not in the business of selling us a product. Like the best health coaches, his recommendations are based on the scientific foundation of eating Real Food. What I mean is, do you fill your life with food that is fresh from nature? This is the ultimate in self-care. Seek out food as it was created in nature, and cook it in a manner that enhances its nutrition.  It is time for you to understand the real impact of over-consuming sugar and the dangers of toxic, mass-produced vegetable oils. Continue to question anything in a wrapper or sold with a TV commercial. Your efforts will create a life-affirming skill that you and your whole family will benefit from.

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If you have any questions about Dr. Weil’s information or how you can switch up your diet to feature Real Food for good health, I hope you will let me hear from you.