Love and CreativityLove and Creativity! What a beautiful topic for Christmas Eve, 2015.

How important is love and creativity to our overall wellness? Do you consider these beautiful human experiences to be nourishing?

This season of the year is truly an exercise in love of others and our holiday traditions. It is also a great way to exercise our creativity as we prepare, decorate, sing, cook, and gift our beloved family and friends.

Being a good practitioner of Love and Creativity involves living in a generally balanced and whole manner. Our ability to reach out to others, and our ability to express the essence of what is inside our hearts and minds, require a basic+ level of self-esteem. When we have self-esteem, it improves all areas of our lives as well as our decision-making efforts. Like a sum that is greater than the value of its parts, all the small doses of love and creativity during our daily living add up to an awesome life.

If you believe, as I do, that nourishment is about more than the food we eat, then let’s think for a moment about Emotional Nutrients. “Boosting our self-esteem would strengthen our weakened emotional immune system and buffer us against many of the threats to our psychological well-being. Most of us know this from our own experience. When we feel good about ourselves we are often able to shrug off the kinds of setbacks, disappointments, or criticisms that on a ‘low self-esteem day’ would have a much greater impact.” Guy Winch, PH.D.

In my years of creative expression as a fiber artist, I learned first-hand that my self-esteem was stronger on the days I made time to do those activities that lift up my spirit, intellect, and physical self. When I was in a creativity space, my mood would brighten and my hopes could soar! Do you ever have this experience?

When I am feeling playful and connected to my beloved husband, it doesn’t seem to matter what other circumstances present themselves…together, we are very resilient. Does this ring true for your significant love relationships?

creativity and love

The end of 2015 is here, and whether or not you celebrate religious or secular holidays during this season, I encourage you to think about the dosages of love and creativity you take in during the course of the next four weeks of your life. Like a prescription for pain reliever, or the recipe for a complicated dish, we can think ahead and make sure we get the chance to do what is best for our wellness and our nourishment in the month ahead. The results of this awareness and self-care, I predict, will be hugely pleasurable and a benefit to all those we share life with! For as they say, true happiness is contagious.