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Prediabetes Treatment Program 101

Can prediabetes be treated? Will prediabetes become diabetes?

Prediabetes treatment is life-saving. 86 million Americans have Prediabetes and that number is growing. 90% of them don’t know their body is being damaged.


You’re lucky to know you need prediabetes treatment. Now’s the time to stop worrying and take action.

If you or someone you love has prediabetes or high blood sugar, questions and regrets keep you awake.

The ads on TV all point to medication, but that’s last on your list of options. Before you spend another minute feeling disappointed with your health insurance or habits…take a deep breath…would you like to see how other smart women find their blood sugar solution? 

It may be time for you to receive a little Diabetes 101 help. What do you need to know to change your circumstances and end the legacy of diabetes in your family?

Prediabetes Treatment can Reduce Frustration

Rachel [not her real name] is a favorite client of mine. She’s a detail-oriented person who likes to get things done. Her frustration with her doctor’s office was extreme when we first met. They showed little empathy about her blood sugar imbalance and rushed off to the next patient.

Rachel is a successful businesswoman and ALWAYS provides great customer support when she’s on the job! Why can’t healthcare be like that?!

Like many of my Solution Starter™ Program clients and Workbook fans, Rachel KNEW she could do better. A graduate client referred her to me. She asked me, “Does prediabetes treatment work?”

Yes, Rachel. I’m here to help you and your family solve blood sugar imbalance and avoid type 2 diabetes.

Health Support with Compassion

Perhaps you’re not ready to sit with strangers and confess a love of junk food. You definitely don’t want to feel shame about your body (finally!) or stand in line to fill an expensive prescription for a drug with shady side-effects. I’m glad to tell you — all of that can be avoided for now. You can begin at home to recreate your health.


One in eight adults worldwide now has diabetes (mostly Type 2 Diabetes). Another one in three has prediabetes. That means three cases of diabetes are diagnosed every minute! The cost of this high blood sugar epidemic has reached $327 billion in 2017 and climbing.

Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes are now at epidemic proportions. One of the key tasks for everyone in the health care field is to help people address Prediabetes and Prevent or Reverse Type 2 Diabetes. That is our mission at Holland Health Coaching in Colorado.

In 2018, researchers in England published the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) results. Before this study, doctors and researchers considered Type 2 Diabetes a lifelong condition and they stood at the ready with medications and stern conversations. The 49 doctor’s offices in England that participated in the DiRECT study have shown diabetes educators, like me, that the root cause of diabetes can be healed. We can stop the legacy of this damaging illness.

Before you make commitments to habit change, it’s vital to understand where you are on the path to Type 2 Diabetes.

Each of the yellow stars in this image represent an opportunity for self-care. When we make new choices at these places along the path, we have the best chance of creating dramatic, sustainable health gains.

The Diabetes Prevention Program, created in conjunction with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), is the basis of what I teach in the Solution Starter Program online. There are three main objectives that, when accomplished, have the power to change the direction of your path toward Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Drop 5% of your body’s weight using the holistic health tools offered in this program
  • Exercise for 30 minutes 5 days each week, or 150 minutes, reducing sedentary living
  • Reduce Stress + Improve Sleep

Why is body size a determining factor with diabetes?

The solution for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes includes developing new habits that will help you drop around 5% of your current weight. This isn’t about fitting into jeans or swimsuits. This is about reducing the fat that surrounds internal organs.

It’s true that there are many diabetics with a lean body. Even though they look trim, there still may be too much fat collecting on their liver and pancreas. I’ll explain below why that’s a problem. While not every client I coach needs to drop weight for his or her health, a majority of people with prediabetes are overweight.

Twenty years ago, research began on the topic of the health risks of being overweight along with having unstable blood sugar. Researchers suggested that excess fat in the liver was making the body “resistant” to its own insulin. They also told us that excess fat in the pancreas also makes it more difficult to produce the right amount of insulin.

The epidemic of diabetes then can be traced back to one specific commonality: a lifestyle of being overfed and sedentary.

It has been proven that overfed people tend to have excess fat in their liver and pancreas. Being overfed is not a character flaw. There is an obstacle course of unhealthy food in society, and the food itself is often manufactured with addictive ingredients.

How can this be solved? In 2011, a pilot study illustrated that when overfed and sedentary people drop 5% of their body weight through mindful eating, more physical activity, and lowered stress, their liver-involved insulin resistance can be solved. Furthermore, after more than 8 weeks of continued body-fat reduction, the fat that surrounds the pancreas can also be reduced. Knowing this proven science is not the same as having the skills to taking action and following-through…

Are you at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes?

Click the image below and find out!

can prediabetes be treated tools and questions

After you click on the link above for your Risk Assessment Test, watch the following video and learn more about Your Solution!

Understanding the basics of diabetes is an important step. Is today the right day to take another step toward wellness? Click on the following link to gain access to all the expert guidance you’ll need to create better health at home…

prediabetes workbook and fresh food

Coach Georgianne Holland

Certified Holistic Health Coach and Prediabetes Educator, Food As Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner

Creator of the Solution Starter™ for Prediabetes

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