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High Blood Sugar Help At Home E-Book


You love to eat certain foods…we each do!

Do you know which foods spike your blood sugar? Do you have a family legacy of diabetes? This new e-book from Coach Georgianne will guide you in a 7-Day, at-home experiment in measuring your blood sugar after eating favorite foods. This e-book is easy to download, print, and share. You can purchase a simple finger-stick blood testing kit in this online shop.

“Self-care is a simple daily ritual of actions based on a kind awareness about our physical, emotional, and health-related vulnerabilities. I’ve written his e-book to support and guide you. Please let me know if you have any questions.” ~ Coach Georgianne


High Blood Sugar Help in 7-Day System at Home

Understand Blood Sugar Spikes and Belly Fat…and learn how what spikes your blood sugar can be measured!

High Blood Sugar Help At Home: This new E-Book from Coach Georgianne helps you, from the comfort of home, test your blood sugar twice a day for 7 days. Use a simple blood sugar finger-stick blood test to learn which of your favorite foods spike blood sugar. This information is key in learning how to best feed yourself for weight management and superior health!

What’s included in this E-Book?

  • Learn the basics of finger-stick blood sugar testing at home, reaching for a normal range before and after meals.
  • Learn skills to prevent weight gain and keep extra weight off–especially around your internal organs; a critical skill to avoid Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Learn what Diabetes Educators teach VIP clients to do about food, exercise, sleep, and stress. And no, it’s not a quick fix or magic spell. We’re talking about science-backed support from a Coach who Cares.
  • Why being overweight often includes high blood sugar
  • How losing 5% of your weight from around your liver can help you avoid Type 2 Diabetes
  • When we know how the food we eat impacts our blood sugar, we can more easily make healthy food decisions. This will help us to manage our weight and build robust health.
  • 18 pages plus 2 blood test master handouts

This e-book is the second one in Coach Georgianne’s Focus on the Good Bundle. Learn more here…

Important Note from Coach Georgianne

This guide book helps the reader to understand which foods cause a high blood sugar result in his/her body. The purpose of this book is to encourage the reader to test his or her blood sugar at home using a finger-stick blood test over a 7-day period. This experiment will guide you in making future food choices, better manage your weight, and prioritize healthy habits.

This book and its contents do not replace the instructions of any doctor or medical team. Please consult your doctor about high blood sugar or low blood sugar results. Feel free to share the results of your at-home blood testing experience from this guide book with your doctor.


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