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Two Free Gifts for All Women Seeking Wellness!

If transformation and empowerment are interesting to you, this is your community. Welcome!

You are one of many women seeking wellness, and I know you value this life you’ve created. The kind of wellness women seek is often directed toward those they love. Whether or not we are mothers, doctors, or daughters, many women in this community nurture others. Have you gotten lost in the shuffle? Is your interest in transformation and empowerment starting to become a skill you want to direct toward your own well-being?

Transformation and empowerment start in the mind. We can use the power of mindfulness to take time for our own self-care. Do you want to practice putting yourself near the top of your own priority list? Doing this can be a challenge. Have you spent most of your life making sure everyone else is taken care of? Now is the time to use the power of compassionate self-talk. Now is the time to become empowered about self-care and your own homemade health.

Coach Georgianne

The Creator of Homemade Health E-Newsletter

My name is Georgianne Holland, and I am a Colorado-based holistic health coach who is passionate about helping women claim and nurture their Thriving Lifestyle. I want to give you two FREE GIFTS today without obligation. Thank you for choosing to visit my online coaching practice. Welcome!

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Gift One: 7-Minute Transformation Meditation on MP3 For Women Seeking Wellness.

For the next seven minutes, would you like to make sure that this inspiring thoughtfulness of yours can be directed in a big and powerful way toward your valuable dreams and transformation? You can transform your life by transforming your thoughts.

7-Minute Transformation Meditation
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This 7-Minute Guided Meditation is Great for the Family

What would it be like if you loved your uplifted, healthy life with a passion, AND by accomplishing this, you also added health and wellness to the lives of those you love?

Feel free to download it and listen to it often. It has helped hundreds of my clients to build up their motivation toward self-care and transformation, and I know it is useful because I listen to it daily.

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Gift Two: The monthly E-Newsletter Homemade Health

Delivered monthly to your email inbox, it includes interviews with leading health and wellness experts, holistic solutions to common health problems, and encouraging information with action-plans for reaching wellness goals.

We do not spam your email address or share subscriber information. Each issue takes about 5 minutes to read. If you have questions about your health and goals, please contact me today. I answer reader questions with science-backed details in every issue of Homemade Health!

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