sunscreen and swimsuitsSunscreen and swimsuits may not be your favorite topic.

Whether or not you like to lounge by the pool or hike wearing shorts and tank tops, taking care of your skin in the summertime is important self-care.

Sunscreen is of vital importance for all the redheads and blondes in my family! Sometimes people with much darker skin than mine forget that they also need to protect themselves from sun damage. Are you in the habit of apply sunscreen whether or not you are wearing a swimsuit?

As our skin ages, it is easy to tell whether or not we took care of our skin in our younger years. My bikini days are over, but my enjoyment of the grandkids by the pool on a hot summer day is still a fun priority!

What will you wear on your skin and on your body this summer? Here are two product brands I’ve found for my own wellness plan. – Coach Georgianne

Lira Clinical SPF Solar Shield

There is no more important time of year to protect your skin from the harmful and aging effects of the sun’s UV rays than the summer. But why choose to protect your skin with the average drugstore sunscreen when you can do better? I found Lira Clinical, a professional-grade, oil-free product that is also a powerful moisturizer, and it has made a big difference in my skincare. I use it on my face, throat, and chest every day. Learn more:

Swimwear with UV Protection

Did you know that a cotton t-shirt thrown over your swimsuit is the equivalent of SPF 5? My solution is shopping at Cabana Life, an online store that offers 50+ UV protection outdoor wear. The collection offers a variety of beach-essentials including bathing suits, hats, cover-ups, tunics, shirts, and pants for boys, girls, and women. Learn more:

What will you do this summer to protect yourself and your family from sun damage?