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Health and Wellness Coaching

What’s health or wellness coaching? It’s not a luxury…it’s a logical investment in your future.

Most experts agree that health coaching is an important part of everyone’s primary health care. It’s important also for those without health insurance. In your kitchen, when it’s convenient for you, health coaching is ideal for those who want to heal chronic illness already in their body. You know–those lifestyle-created illnesses that are easy to ignore. Health and wellness coaching is important as a way to prevent future illness. Health coaching is ideal for those who want to thrive.

Do you want to practice healthy-living habits and invest in proactive wellness instead of dreading future illness?

health and wellness resources about prediabetes

Because everyone wants to avoid illness and disease, the habits that are built in the kitchen are key.

Day-to-day habits do not need to be miserable or awkward. What is health coaching? It’s spending time in person or online with a health coach. They can help you make decisions. Decisions like which habits have the greatest impact on solving the root cause of your specific health problems.

health coaching saves money

Health coaches save you time, money, and frustration.

Even more importantly, coaching can help you to build goals and habits that you can stick with and even enjoy!

Health Coaches can help you save money by keeping you healthy and out of the doctor’s office.

health coaching online

Health and wellness coaching may not be available at your doctor’s office.

Receiving coaching online is ideal for those who do not have access to a certified health coach in their own hometown. Healthy-living habits can be taught, and if you are the healthcare leader in your family, the new skills and habits you create during your coaching with Georgianne can be taught to others by you!

Did you know?

It takes a passion for healthy living to create a lifestyle that keeps us out of the doctor’s office! You can become a health hero in your own family.

Are you the kind of person who wants to take care of your future self? Me, too!

What is health coaching? It’s about Creating Every Day Self-Care!

Self-care isn’t an easy topic for everyone. Many of us were conditioned to ignore our personal needs so that we can be 100% available to others. It’s great to be a caring person and to help others. Self-care is about making sure our name is on our Caring List. That’s right. Put on your own oxygen mask first so that you can better help those around you.

Coach Georgianne has created resources to help improve your health through self-care. If you have any questions, contact her here.

health coaching

Health Coaching is about Learning Something New

Learning something new every day is exciting! The field of health care and self-improvement is always growing. Are you curious about what’s new in the health sciences? What’s great is learning new skills that make every day life better…

Coach Georgianne shares on her We Are Women At Wellness blog about self-care and other health science coaching topics. You can also sign-up for her FREE e-newsletter called Homemade Health. Grab copies of her health and wellness resources. Many are free to use, save, and share! Every day self-care is about seeking ways to honor your body. Learn something new. Prioritize your precious time.

Health Coaching is about Accountability

What’s the value of having an accountability partner? Are you the kind of person who reaches goals more easily when another person is cheering for you? It’s important to choose a partner who can help you stay focused. Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, explains this kind of focus.

Coach Georgianne is a great option for your friendly accountability partner. She offers you insight into tools and techniques that will help you reach goals and feel supported all along the way.

Are Health Coaches available in my hometown?

An estimated 35,000 health coaches in the U.S. create personal relationships with clients to name goals, change behaviors, and improve health. And their numbers are rising. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (and reported by the Wall Street Journal in early 2016), wellness professions focused on preventive health habits are set to increase by 21 percent over the next six years, faster than all other occupations. What is health coaching? The role of coaching in health care is blossoming and perhaps this trend is ideal for you.

Have you avoided the health care system because it makes you anxious?

Building a helpful relationship with your doctor, and helping those you love feel ready to visit the doctor, are the topics you can discuss with a coach. You’d like to get MORE out of your trips to the doctor. Health coaches do not replace the role of the doctor, yet they do add to their client’s ability to ask questions, understand test results, and follow-through on the self-care habits at home.

How should I prepare for my next doctor’s appointment?

what is health and wellness coaching

Many of my coaching clients talk about their last doctor’s appointment with me. I frequently hear about how they wish it could’ve gone better.

Sometimes the problem is that they never got the answers to all the questions they wanted to ask. Doctors don’t mean to dismiss our questions. Many doctors simply run out of time during routine office appointments. My advice to you is that you prepare ahead of every appointment and bring with you a helpful “Starting Line” worksheet. This will help you AND YOUR DOCTOR focus on key questions and answers.

what is health coaching and can Coach Georgianne help

Coach Georgianne Holland
Certified Holistic Health Coach and Prediabetes Educator,
Food As Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner

Creator of the Solution Starter™ for Prediabetes
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